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Default Adding Secondary Heat Recovery Core to HRV?

We have a Venmar Evo 5 700 HRV HEPA that was installed in August of 2017. I and another family member have severe lung issues in which we have to just about run the HRV in Turbo mode for extended time periods or continuously (I am fully aware that it is not good for the motor). We physically couldn’t run the air exchanger as much as we needed to last winter because the house just got way to cold. After doing some Google searches I was wondering if I could add a second core to the HRV something similar to a post on this site about someone building an HRV with 2 cores but more like an inline accessory like a HRV filter box. My father said it might reduce efficiency or increase it depending on weather conditions. I have it planned and everything (Even got the chloroplast!) but was wondering what everyone at Eco-renovator thought about it. We are trying to reduce energy consumption.


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