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I love buying new stuff, but I'm getting advice to hold off for a while,
to wait for the new stuff that's coming within the next year or so.
There will be better hardware and software.. (I hope)..
Look at what has happened to Z-wave and Samsung’s SmartThings. They are hackable.

However, since encryption is so hard to get right, (made hard to break) it might be longer than expected, and I'll be in a rest home..

So yeah, I would like to stick with the X10 stuff for now, and save my money for some gear that is harder to hack.
Where I live in MA, there are millions of people using wifi and there is also a high population of hackers..

Around here, there are city halls and police departments paying hackers to turn off Ransomeware..

My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
EPA 608 Type 1 Technician Certification ~ 5 lbs or less..
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