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Originally Posted by MN Renovator View Post
What are you planning to do for your living situation?
If I can sell my house for what I think it's worth, I should get a nice cheque of $160K. Then once I move to Calgary I'll rent a bedroom in a house share arrangement until I get a job.

From there I'm not sure if I would buy a house in Calgary (property taxes are way lower, but comparable home prices are a bit higher to compensate) or just invest the money & continue to rent (more flexibility with renting).

$160K at a 6% dividend is $800/month, more than enough to pay for a bedroom in a house share. Here's an example of how cheap renting is. My property taxes alone are almost the same!

The real allure is moving to Calgary. The city was once very costly (I remember in 2007 my employer's basic bi-level in Lake Bonavista was well over $700K) but prices have really come down since oil tanked (houses in that same neighbourhood are now mid $500K). Calgary is 6x the size of Regina, has no provincial sales tax, etc.

As a side note I've recently started to love boxing & I find way more opponents in Calgary than Regina.
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