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Our 14 month old Chevy Volt just hit 1,001 gallons of gas saved.
We have 26,006 miles on it with a lifetime MPG 201 (we have used 129 gallons gas since buying it)
We have driven 21,510 electric solar power miles.
No oil changes needed. That has saved doing 8 oil changes for that many miles.
No reduction in EV (elect Miles) on a charge actually we get more now but that is because we a use to driving it now.

For my nonsolar power fiends.
Our power cost .10 KWh we get about 40 miles on a charge (more is the summer less in the winter this is adv)
The cost of electricity to drive all those miles was $645 the cost of gas was $3,300. (I put gas cost @3.30)
8 oil changes @20 =$160
Without solar the savings was still $2,814.7

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