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Default Current/temp Monitoring

What do you all use for monitoring of temperatures and energy use?

Willing to do some DIY work here to cut down on cost. The goal is to be able to plot temps from a couple of probes on a graph along with power use of my mini split.

Connection to a computer on both the current draw and temp readings for real time data updates would be ideal but not an absolute necessity.

I read through the One Wire thread and took interest to the device ACHacker was using for temperature logging, the only caveat was only saving data to SD card. What other solutions do you guys like?

Low cost power use monitoring is proving to be a bigger challenge. Devices like Sense and TED certainly achieve what Iím looking for but at a significant cost. Worth is? The next level down are basically amp clamps with no logging. Does anyone have a commercial or DIY solution for trending power use on a 230VAC device?

Still doing more research as time permits but was curious what you all were using?

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