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So. It's Friday. Drum roll.

The wrecking yard in far far far north Quebec was nice enough to deliver the pack 1/2 way to my house. They drove for 3.5 hours south. I drove 3.25 hours north. We met. Slid a pallet between two truck beds.

I drove home thinking. Please be 3. I gambled. No way to test it. Needless to say. First thing I get home. Tractor comes out. Fork lift bars go on. Pack gets carried to the tractor shed where it will reside while I work on it. I get the lid off. Out comes the voltage meter.

Front pack. 115.3v or 3.84 /cell. Middle pack. 92.1 or 3.84 / cell. Back pack. 161.4 or 3.84 / cell.

Huge sigh of relief. Minor dancing in the field.

So I now have a 2014 pack basically fully charged. All I need to do now is take it apart. Build/find a bms solution. Reconfigure my Morningstar solar controllers. Buy a Victron inverter. And a few other dozen things.

But that's a job for tomorrow.

Am now taking suggestions for BMS. I wouldn't mind trying an arduino atmini something. Anyone with ideas?

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