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Out of the previous recommended methods/devices, for the ecorenovator type folks, I'm gonna go with Mike and second the mighty mite TS100. It's plug and play with temperature regulating controls built-in. If you're handy, it's pretty simple to rig up a battery bank and make it ultra portable. The heater is in the tip, and the tip selection and availability is large. Plus the purchase price is way low for what you get.

That being said, it's not an industrial tank of a unit. A pro using one 40 or more hours a week will not be getting years and years of life out of one. For my electronics bench, I use one for micro soldering and an old school Weller for the rest. For big power cables, the TS100 gets the big tip and I use it. Silver brazing gets a blow torch or oxyfuel torch, depending on how massive the piece is.

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