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Your post made me chuckle . . .

I have found that many of my European colleagues/friends express aghast at how "high" a temperature we North Americans keep our homes at in winter. They distinctly speak of 14, 15, maybe 16 C for their thermostat setpoint - and they say it with a distinct pride. And this is evening temp; colder at night and when they are away from home in the daytime. I know that heat is far more expensive in Europe, but for me that is damn cold!

As a kid we spent time in northern Scotland when my Dad was posted to the sub base there (late 1950's). Off base housing was all we had and there I recall seeing the rental house temp at about 50 -55 F (this was before Scotland switched to degrees C) and being dressed up in winter coats inside the house. Single pane windows, no insulation and drafty. Lots of homes had smoky peat stoves (choke, cough, choke) and you learned to hover near them and come home smelling of peat smoke. I think this is why I have little fondness for single malt whiskey . . .

With our geothermal systems, our costs are ridiculously low for both heating and cooling, but I am still reminded of those who live in heating oil areas in the USA where winter heat bills are in the multiples of thousands of $.

So I applaud your honesty at your thermostat placement of 22 C. You must hang your head in shame, SHAME!!

Enjoy your geothermal heat pump . . .

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