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I have one of their 1.5amp charger/maintainers too. It gets hot and doesn't seem to be very efficient when charging at 1.5amps. I use it to top off my jump start pack since the charger it came with shorted out. I've also charged a few car batteries. It doesn't charge too high in voltage so it seems safe to use with AGM batteries. My only gripe is that in order to get it to top off a car battery I need to put a load on it first such as turning the headlights for a moment to get it into bulk charge mode so it will go above trying to stay in maintain mode at 13.2v and actually go into charge mode which brings it up for 14.8v(if I remember right) until the battery is full.

Instead of charging the battery, I'd disconnect the negative lead of the battery so the parasitic load doesn't drain the battery. Reconnecting the negative lead isn't much more work than disconnecting the charger.
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