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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Welcome to the site Joe. You have a hefty project list there. We'd love to see how they come along and turn out.
Thanks daox, I have always been a man of many projects I'm just glad I have a house now to work on. I take lots of pictures so I will be sure to post the progress on the cool ones. First up, new water heater, I couldnt get my pilot light to light so I pulled the burner assembly out and found that it was a big pile of rust from the hose connections at the top leaking down. I have to get the roof replaced above the water heater too so I am going to buy an electric one with timer and have the exhaust vent sealed off. If the tank checks out ok I am going to make my first solar batch heater out of it. I would like to get one of those utility meters hooked up to it since I dont think they make a killawatt big enough to read a water heater, anyone know where to get one?

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