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It was a good day for the solar panels.. But not so good for old men who should have used sun screen, instead of long sleeves..

Anyways, I drove back from the dealership.. So it was only fair that Cynthia got to drive a few miles..

I was trying to give her some hypermiling tips, but she wasn't doing to well.
She just loves those jackrabbit starts and hitting those brakes..
But, in cases where we were going down a hill. Braking helped! (Regen).

Anyways, it was slow in downtown Lexington. We went up north and came
back home on the Middlesex pike. It was only 12.8 miles, so I didn't expect too much.
Once she gets a few hundred miles on, she should get some great MPGs.. (I hope).

That clock was way off, we got back at 19:30 (And it's May not April)..

I guess it was slow! Over half the trip was on battery power??
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