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I highly doubt that little fan, or even a big fan, could use that much energy. We have several industrial-grade constant-duty air circulator fans that push a LOT of air, much more than a box fan, and they are only rated at 1.45 amps. At 120V that's only 174 watts. My 1/2HP furnace blower only pulls 373 watts. Either that sticker is wrong, or that is one big honkin' fan. I don't see why they would also put a heater in the fan if it blows over the radiator, unless it's a hybrid radiator/resistance fan type.

That does give me an idea though. I just bought one of those for my son's room. I wonder if putting a fan behind it would increase its efficiency. They say that those oil-filled radiators are more efficient than the little fan ones, so maybe it is actually more efficient for natural convection to do all the work. On the other hand, it just seems to me like the thing would run much less often if a fan were to remove the heat from it. If it cycled frequently enough, the oil would stay warm inside the heater and the fan would always blow warm air, even when the heating element is off.

I really need a Kill-A-Watt.
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