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I like the idea of outside insulated window shutters, I'd imagine that having those on the front of a house would be considered an eyesore to many, along with awnings(which is why I'll have a carefully designed overhang). Hopefully I don't get angry picky neighbors when I build my next place. I've already got a neighbor who acts funny ever since he asked me about the 60 bags of cellulose insulation I had in my garage last year, apparently saving energy and money makes us all strange. Some tie it into their political assumptions too, which gets some people worked up now that elections are on everyones mind. I'm trying to think of how to add thermal mass to the house, in a design phase, I don't see why I wouldn't be able to 'build it in'. I figure the thermal mass should smooth out the excess heat and then let go of it when its cooler. I'm thinking of doing something other than having a 'Water jug masterpiece' for thermal mass. I think people who come over would look at me funny for that one.

I'll definitely have the insulated window shades, maybe a matching set to cover the wall containing the 'CulligaPicaso'.
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