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Originally Posted by where2 View Post
Just do it. (says the guy who designed, permitted, and installed his own 4.4kW PV system). Best evidence I can find on the web, I've got 3999 cooling degree days per year where I live. The 4.4kW array shades more than 40% of my roof.

It is on the list towards the top just after finishing the house remodel. Only prob is plans have changed in the last year or so and LOML wants to relocate to the charlotte area. Which is fine with me as it's pretty it rains there the roads are all perfect even in the middle of nowhere and the cooling degree days are half what they are here. I have a weatherstation and last year our cooling degree days were around 3500 the 2012 was even hotter but I didn't have the station at that point. weeks of 110*/85* are common now. Cooling is one thing but the issue here is it's hot all night. 12am and it's still in the mid 90s.

I was planning on putting about 5K on the shop roof as it's south facing and almost the correct angle. Insulated steel building and the shade of the panels would be a huge help in reducing cooling load. Too many trees around the house to put them on the house.
I have a 200 amp panel in the shop and going to replace the panel in the house soon. I have a year old 200 amp panel for it. Customer wanted a different brand panel so it's a freebie.

If I were to do any solar here I'd probably do say a 1K system for the time being and then take it with us when we move. It's doubtful we would get enough more for the house with it.
I have been looking more at panels etc lately and I see some new micro inverters and a different style of single inverter systems.

I used to do commercial refrigeration now I'm an electrician... We do commercial 99.9% of the time ie we have several new moes and wendys to do this year. I'm looking at suppliers etc. I'm thinking we can do our house as a sample so I wouldn't be footing the whole bill and we can use it to show customers an end result. Always possible.
Right now I'm trying to get caught up again on what's out there and what works best etc.
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