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Originally Posted by Vern2 View Post

The old TED 5000 CT's got removed from power panel by solar installer. I didn't say anything, I was going to remove it myself, stupid installer. I ordered TED home pro, order got mixed up and they missed one MTU. It's all in boxes waiting for the last MTU. Nothing from TED 5000 can be reused.

Then the salesman ordered wrong inverter. Inverter companies do not supported each others monitoring system. TED Home Pro will put monitoring back together, all on one display, in office (spare bedroom) on desk (table). I bought Linksys 5 port switch, I'll have 5 links connected, when TED plugs into it. It's nice to have a home network, (wired and Free Wi-Fi zone). IPads, free cell phone calling, desktop computers, laptops, Smart TV's, Wi-Fi Blu-ray, WiFi laser printer all works together, most of the time. The big thing is when COX changes my IP address, to stop me from setting up server for running web site here at home, they want more money. There's also a Gateway running on desk.

When I was with AT&T I got an unused IP address, setting up a computer in closet, so techs could download three software tools I wrote. I sell the tools now.

I ended up with 11.7k. I want the numbers all on one display, so at a glance I can check things out. Nothing on the ground.
What are you going to do with your old TED MTU’s if they are compatible with mine? I might be interested in them. It would be cool to monitor the new Mini Splits.

So your new solar is all installed now?

I just looked at the new TED very cool product. How many CT's do you have.

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