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UPDATE: Thing been crazy busy around here.
The dehumidifier is still working great. Even on the hottest days my power usage is near 25 kwh. And that is in a all electric 2,400 square foot home.

But I have been thinking of a HUGE design flaw in the unit.
Follow with me. The inside coils (evap in this set-up) are 3 tons, BUT they were built for flow. Meaning after the metering device (now TXV) it splits 4 ways and comes back into one line before leaving the unit. What this means is with the 6 times to small compressor trying to push enough gas though the coils I am not going to get perfectly even flow through all 4 passages ways. Which means that one way will flow the quickest and make the txv bulb read "cold enough" to start backing the gas off. So what I have found is that 60% or so of my coils are not cold enough to condense. MEANING that I'm loosing a LOT of surface area and 60% of my air is just wooshing (<redneck for air moving really fast) through the coils doing NOTHING. Also it is giving me "false" superheat readings because I could be moving a lot more gas but superheat readings are saying I am flooding the evap when really I'm only flooding 1/4 of the evap. I really don't like this. My idea? Hack this baby apart and make ONE single path all the way through the evap coils.

I just wanted to post this and get everyone's thoughts. I would take to much work but it would mean building the recovery unit that I have been putting off, because that is a lot of propane to waste if I don't.

Thanks guys!
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