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Mejunkhound, gotcha, I can fine tune the charge to set the EVAP to right at the dew point.
Thanks you and Jeff are totally right I did get the evap and condenser mixed up. I knew there was a good reason I was getting advise.

Jeff, OK so large Evap, should I go straight fins? And borehole for the CONDENSER.
So I should look for a 5,000 btu compressor instead.
Also I am thinking that I should be looking for a refrigerant with a dew point at as low a pressure as I can find. Less pressure should equal less power consumption. That is unless I want it the be able to heat as well.

I really wish I used more hot water and the heat pump water heater could do all the moisture removal. Then I would have yet another unit running. Or I guess I could put in more valves and route the borehole into the evap I already have. A dual purpose system.......

Also what if a slowed the fan down on my existing 4 ton central unit air handler? Would that cool slower therefore remove more moisture? The unit comes on like 40 times a day and only runs for 5 minutes or so. I have worked so hard on the house now my unit seems over sized. Lol
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