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Default The Ultimate Dehumidifier

Hey guys so in my area of the world we have this terrible things called humidity. It was what keeps us from using swamp coolers and cooling towers and really all the cheap ways of cooling your home. Thus the huge need for AC. WELL if you are brave (or stupid) enough to set your thermostat higher in order to "sweat it out" your in for quite the fight. Why, well because of the moisture in the air. Heat + moisture = death. So we (maybe just I???) run a dehumidifier to keep the moisture lower but as you may know these handy power hogs also produce heat. Even though it is still cheaper to run the dehumidifier more and AC less, it still really sucks to be heating up the air. This is where multistage compressors are REALLY nice but seeing as I don't have one of those and my AC uses a whooping 4,000 watts of power. SO here is why I am asking input on a design of a homemade heat pump dehumidifier.

Main goal: The create a dehumidifier that will use less or equal to the same power the current one uses (4.5A 120V) WHILE cooling the air instead of heating it WHILE still sucking out just as much if not more moisture from the air.

Budget: Low as normal

Bonuses: It would be awesome if it could heat in the summer time.

Design: So basically I'm building a mini split that is designed more around condensing than moving massive BTUs.
Thoughts: Maybe I could have an undersized condenser that freezes up and then a powerful fan kicks on and melt the ice, then turns off again to form more ice? Turning the compressor on and off a lot seems like a bad idea.

Condenser: Jeff said straight fin might be the best for dehumidification. Thoughts?

Refrigerate: I'm thinking R290 or R152A, but open to suggestions.

Evap: I can go either air or do another DX borehole, this time maybe do 2 boreholes?

I have a 6,500 btu rotary compressor, txv, and several air evaps ready to go.

I will get picture up as soon as the build starts.
Thanks guys, I look forward to sharing tons of data and pictures!

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