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When plugging things back in, keep track of the arrow on the inverter plug and the arrow on the trunk cable connector. The arrows need to point at each other when you're making the plug connection. Check the electrical connections downstream of the trunk cable. The trunk cable should be live with 240V when the breakers are in the ON position. Probe with a voltmeter and see what you have. The L1 or L2 to N voltage is 120V, the trunk cable carries L1, L2, N, & G conductors. If I recall correctly, the trunk cable has the conductors for the plug labeled.

I would venture to guess the 14 inverter string is the string that stopped working. Why? Because 14 inverters one one trunk cable puts out around 14A peak, and day after day driving 14A through an electrical connection that isn't perfect will show the imperfections. Open the panels and boxes between the end of the trunk cable and the breaker panel this all feeds into, and you may find something charred and melted.
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