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Originally Posted by ferg75407 View Post
How does one bad inverter shut down 2 arrays?
Have you priced a replacement M215? Get an M250 if you can't find the M215s.

One bad inverter won't shut down two arrays. One bad microinverter shuts down one panel. Explain how your multiple panels are tied into one M215 inverter?

I've got a 4.4kW system: twenty M215 inverters on the roof, twenty 220W panels, two different trunk cables wired to two different circuits with 10 inverters plugged into each trunk. (I do my own troubleshooting because I'm the guy who drew the 3-line diagram for my PV array, got my system permitted by the state agency that reviews PV systems, I pulled my local AHJ permits, and installed my own array. The only part I farmed out was the structural engineering calculations, because I'm not a P.E.).
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