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Default Overkill is under rated

Back around 2008 I bought my little dewalt fram nailer. It says on the side that it will take up to 3.5 inch nails. I thought 3.5 would be nice some times because 3 inch doesn't quite make it all the time. I would look around but I could never find 3.5 inch nails they were always 3 inch or less.
Then when I fixed the porch my parents just had built because the contractors messed it up I knew I needed to up grade my nails. They live in maine where it rains all the time so regular steel nails wouldn't cut it. They would just rust out after a few years of constantly being wet. So I got on the old ebay and looked up something to the effect of "3.5 inch stainless steel nail gun nails" and it worked it didn't bring up too many nail guns or too many loose nails. If I remember correctly 1,000 nails cost $55 shipped, its cheaper than ammo and almost as fun. I like using these in bathrooms and kitchen framing projects.

3.5 inch stainless steel ring shank nails.
Slight over kill for most projects.

I was putting in a bigger window in the bathroom and my wife said to make sure the 2x4 I cut through didn't shift or settle changing the shape of the window frame. I told her yeah I got this.
So I used a whole pressure treated 2x6 and most of a pressure treated 2x4 to build a header and footer around the window and nailed it all together with those stainless nails just because I wanted to.

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