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Im surprised that a land lord would be this worried about his tenants electricity bills. Thats almost unheard of.

As for the gas water heaters with the power vents I have heard the same from the plumber that does the commercial jobs. He said that he has replaced many with conventional gas water heaters because of fan control failures. The small energy savings doesn't cover what it costs in repairs and down time. He also swaps out more tankless heaters with tank type than he installs due to similar control board issues.

Conventional gas water heaters are quite efficient compared to electric. Usually a under half the operating cost or less.

I like the hybrid units but their recovery time is very slow in just heat pump mode and in a rental it'll be running in regular electric mode to try and keep up. I dont see a cost savings there.
As for the cooling its a good thing here... They also dehumidify which is good here year round as its humid even when its below freezing here... Great if its in the house or garage here. (most are in the garage here)

Using a solar panel and tank for a preheater isnt economical. The cost of the system and the cost of the panels will take a very long time to pay for itself and even longer in Michigan where you are well out of the good latitudes for sun and have allot of overcast and cloudy days.

I would just go with gas waterheaters and call it good. You may be able to cut some operating cost with tankless but it all depends on the usage patterns. IE if they take baths you will need a larger unit. Bath tubs waste allot of water and energy and LOML always has to have that big jaccuzi tub...
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