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you may want to re-visit your needs.

HEPA filtration is one "need". typically used in hospitals when they do 100% outside air.
outside air requirement - how much fresh air does your building need?
heat/cooling for your house
humidification (for winter)

these are not all one and the same.

if someone in your house has problems breathing unless you run the HRV continuously, you need to figure out why, and address that issue.

too much CO2? too much off-gassing of some material? those are issues addressed by an HRV.

keeping dust down is is another, and a hepa filter is often a band-aid. air infiltration/dust source (pets? woodshop in the basement?) should be considered.

the cooling/dehumidification impact should be factored in to your operating vs first cost for the HRV/ERV choice. I don't really see a problem with running the HRV motor at full power. you may want a more efficient one, and if you're up north, why an HRV not an ERV?
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