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I've never seen a urinal in a private residence, and never would have even though of it until recently, when I got interested in how much water a toilet uses. Long story short: A dual flush toilet uses 3 and 6 liters, while a urinal can go as low as 1 liter. I can understand why people (especially women) may be against have urinals in their house:
  1. Splashing,
  2. No seat to close = always open.
Both strong hygiene arguments. My Wife said the only bathroom in our house in which a urinal can be installed is the one she doesn't use (she uses both). She wasn't impressed by a picture of a female urinal:

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Well, there's the utility sink too.
Yeah, the old sink in the garage was at just the right height. The new one is too high (too much splashing). You can't suite everyone...
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