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go wild? ok....

make it a "basement" shop instead of above ground. build a shed on top that looks like a garage (that will be the "office" area). but fold open 2 big doors in the floor to expose the ramp going down under.

or how about this for the walls....

on the outside, mount a tight screen, framed with something stronger (like welded-wire fence), framed with pipe, all together and mounted about 6 or so inches from your regular wall, all the way around (except the door, haha). fill cavity with dirt (you would need something waterproof for your garage wall, of course). cut some small holes and plant a lot of vines of something that grows really thick, all over the place. a couple inches outside of that, mount a bunch of trellis to both partially hide the dirt wall, and give the vines something to grow on. a really light-colored trellis should provide some "contrast" to help hide the darker colored dirt. i really like that new composite trellis, i used some to partially enclose my carport.

alright, here's something a little more feasible....

traditional construction. but for the roof, use the soda-cans-in-a-box heat system, and some good skylights (opposite the tree) for free light.

thats all i can think of right now
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