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We really like our car and they discontinued it (very sad) so we decided to buy extended warrenty on it. I usually donít buy extended warrenty but Volts can be very expensive to repair.

I got it before the factory warrenty expired that saves lots of money. I bought it from a dealer that deeply discounts extended warrantees.
It is the same GM warrenty no matter what dealer you buy it from.
Extended warranties are expensive, run out, and are only valuable for cars that are unreliable. This is a major reason why I'd prefer the Toyota. Sure you want more of your miles to be EV, but you throw away those savings on increased repair and warranty costs associated with owning a GM product. The Toyota operates cheaper by being a more efficient car when operating off in EV and gas modes and the current gas prices make the range difference a wash. Depends on how you drive though, I drive multiple long road trips(this year excluded), so an extra 28 miles of EV range doesn't matter on a 3600 mile trip with no realistic charge opportunities during the trip, I'll take the extra MPG and reliability.
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