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Originally Posted by philb View Post
I built the window screen solar box from build it solar last fall a year ago. It ran like a 3600 watt electric heater all winter. I have made several air to air heat exchangers in the past. This is the most efficient one so far. I used a snap switch mounted in the center of the panel to turn on a 50 cfm fan when the temp reached ~120 deg F.
I took temperatures inside the box with a HF laser temp gun. The idea was to harvest some hot water also but the temp on the bottom of the box was not warm enough to get anything worthwhile out of it. I had to change the snap switch to a lower value because 3 screens were taking most of the heat out of the box!

So for my money, I'll have panels of water or air but not both.
Thanks everyone.

I think I read through every build on that site. Screen absorber is definitely the way to go for heating air. Very simple and affective.

I was hoping to find someone that has tried heating water with solar heated air via a radiator style exchange. I checked online again to night and looks like I get to be the guinea pig. Any takers want to try it before I get to??
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