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It never occurred to me to install a drain port. These lift trucks only have 5 inches ground clearance. The drain pan is the bottom 4 inches of a 55 gallon drum so it catches everything, including the crud falling off the motor. Then half the coolant gets spilled trying to handle it.

With the appropriate connector I could attach a small pump to evacuate the coolant to a clean 5 gallon jug. Install a filter at the pump outlet and the coolant is polished as it enters the jug.

Add a reversing valve for refilling the system, put the whole device on a hand dolly, and nobody has to lift and pour the coolant. I could probably build this and modify the lift trucks for less than $500. Payback time is a few months.

Might as well install pump-out lines on the oil pans while I am at it. That would solve the oil spillage problem.

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