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Default Nine Years and they are still working fine..

8 years, 11 months, 23 days Update:

Since we've been working (babysitting) on weekdays, and not using the den,
and it's been a pretty cool spring, we've not had to put up with a hot den.

But today we were home and it did get up into the high 70s in the den.
So this afternoon, I dug up the screens (they look like new) and installed them.
We could feel the difference within the hour. Much easier to cool in there.
White the sun was still up, I shut down the mini-splits while the evening meal was being cooked (keeps the filters cleaner), and we didn't have any solar heating problems with the den.
Like I said before, these screens were a good investment. They've paid for themselves a few times over..
My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
EPA 608 Type 1 Technician Certification ~ 5 lbs or less..
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