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Default It lives!

I guess a little tin can with a bit of propane for propellant can't stand up to R410a pressures.
Anyways, I sucked the air out of a hose (with a cut-off valve), connected it to the can adapter, opened the cut-off to fill up the hose with ProSeal, and then moved the hose over to the Santa Fe and pushed in the ProSeal with R410a.
Once I turned on the R410a tank, I had just a few seconds before 23 oz was gone.

I ran it for 2 hours and it work okay. About like it did before.
I can't detect any R410a leakage! I hope that ProSeal holds for a while!

Left it on, and the basement air feels much nicer now.

Summer seems to be starting here. Last week, I got to wear shorts to work (babysitting). It's been pretty warm.
But, I just saw the forecast for Monday, and it's back to March again.

My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
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