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I wouldn't touch the filter. Its there to, well, filter the air! Better to have a virus on the filter than in the air where it can spread. Viruses need a host to multiply, and are way smaller than bacteria. It looks like worst case Covid-19 can survive on surfaces for 9 days. So keep it there where it can eventually die. I wonder about disinfectant reducing the filtering ability...

Fun fact: Those 20"x20" best quality furnace filters duct taped to the back side of a box fan makes an effective $40 HEPA filter. At that price, they are relatively disposable.

Someone could write an academic paper on toilet paper when this thing eventually runs its course! I just hope people don't resort to using "flushable" wipes & putting them down the toilets en masse. Those things are my mortal enemy. They love to clog sewer pipes & plumbers have told me they will occasionally wreck 5+ figure pumps at municipal water treatment plants. With plumbers less available than usual, wiping with money might be a more economical option!
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