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"Why would you think that you have SARS-CoV-2019 in your home air filter?"
Because I've been sick for a week with a bad 'cold'? And I've not a cold in many years.

The Sensibo company sells a controller for Mini-split systems. I use Mini-Splits here.
The filters are on the air input of the indoor air handler.

"You mentioned bacteria" Nope, re-read the post again. Sensibo wrote that text in an email to me..

Anyways, I also heard a report on a study regarding the amounts of COVID-19 virus that came to rest on surfaces in hospital Isolation rooms, containing an infected person. (Not yet peer reviewed).
Because of the large amount of COVID-19 that accumulated on the air-vent input (used to remove air from the room), they think coughs and maybe just exhaling air from infected lungs, could contaminate surfaces of ceiling mounted vents.

So, since my indoor units are constantly sucking air in (to warm it up), those filters might be able to collect COVID-19, if anyone with the virus coughs inside the house. (The virus is carried in water droplets).
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