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I put about 110 bags in my attic. You are correct about the dust, I had clothes on from head to toe, and came out absolutely covered. Wish I could find the picture. A good respirator is a must!

This was 6 or so years ago, but I want to say it took 6 hours or so to blow all that in. That counted some stops and starts for different things.

One thing to check because it caused me a days worth of delays. The machine just wasn't blowing right to start. Spent an entire day and many conversations with clueless Lowe's reps. Essentially the hose would get clogged after a few seconds. We would remove all the hoses, empty them (which was a huge pain), clean out the machine (also a huge pain), etc. Start it up again, and same thing. Very long and frustrating story short, the air intake was clogged. Once we figured that out the thing blew like crazy and it was easy. So, if you're having any issues (or just as a matter of making your life easier), clean out the air intake on the machine and it will work like new.

Good luck.
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