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Default Delivery volume of cellulose insulation blower

Well finally getting closer to redoing and adding attic insulation. The original stuff is old coal slag mineral wool blown in junk from the late 50s... Its the worst insulation type to deal with full of coal slag as it was poorly manufactured.

I will be removing it in a number of places to facilitate remodeling work. What I remove will not be reused as its garbage.

After running my numbers I will need a minimum of 100 bags for the house including the garage. Ideally R60 would require around 170 bags... Probably going to use green fiber as I haven't found any insulation suppliers that sell the other brands here.

I haven't used the loaner machines from the borgs as I have always used fiberglass in the past and it goes pretty quick as it requires a fraction of the bags. Any idea how many bags per hour those machines will process? I don't want to spend a full day up there blowing insulation. If its as slow as I have heard I may end up going fiberglass as well here.

Wish I could get it done sooner as its been 100*+ since the end of May with 6-8 hours of 100+ and highs over 110* at times. Its 109* right now... Low of 80* too with it still in the 90s at 2am... Our 1% temp is 100* and we are well past 1% already... Sure glad I used accurate numbers for my load calcs instead of the published ones...

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