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Smile 12V Community Garden Sign - Need help with calculations.

Hello all, nice to be here on this forum!

I fabricated a large metal sign for our community garden. ( Looks pretty cool if I must say so myself. )

Behind the sign I placed 200 - 5630 LED modules from ebay. Total of 600 LEDS

What I have purchased

200 - 5630 LED Modules ( 3 LEDs each, 600 LEDS total )

1 - Kyocera KD140GX-LFBS 140 Watt 12 Volt Solar Module

1 - Car battery

1 - Solar Charge Controller 12V

I need help with equipment and following questions...

1. What percent of battery will I use up if LED lights turn on for 5 hours? ( I understand you should draw less than 50% of battery for long life )
2. Should I get a deep cycle marine battery?
3. What battery would you recommend for regular use charging/discharging 600 - 5630 LEDs for 5 hours every evening?
4. Comparison running brighter 600-5630 LED modules VS 600- 3528 LED modules? What is power, current draw difference?
5. Do you recommend any other equipment? ie. Solar panel, battery, charge controller.

Thank you for your help!

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