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I hope (and believe) you are right pletby. I have drained the system completely and re-filled using fresh anti-freeze. All seems OK.

This has got me thinking though. What about the anti-freeze in my GSHP field loop? Should that be changed at some point? Changing that isn't so easy.

Incidentally my diagnosis of my GSHP's field loop pump dropping out periodically was not correct. The guy who originally supplied and installed the GSHP brought a new circulation pump out on Wednesday but decided that part wasn't the problem, although it wasn't clear where the fault lay. After several hours testing he suspected the anti-freeze was not evenly mixed in the fluid and some of the fluid was freezing in the field occasionally. To cure that he left an external pump running overnight, pumping the fluid into and out of an extra tank where it would mix properly. That didn't fix the problem, which didn't surprise me, so then he suspected muck in the system but clearing out the traps showed that wasn't the problem either. Eventually he reversed the flow in the field loop and that immediately cleared an airlock in the compressor. I would never have found that!
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