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Sorry I didn't see this earlier. It stinks to have a leaky door that catches or won't shut properly. Makes you just want to maul the thing.

What you have there is a rental-grade vinyl door shoe, aka door sweep. In rental properties, they get glued on with something like liquid nails. The problem with this type is that they are not rigid enough, and even when screwed on good, they deform with normal use. They aren't made to last like they should be. Once a certain spot starts rubbing, it doesn't take long for the whole thing to get destroyed. The glue helps to keep them where they belong for a lot longer.

There are many better products out there that work much better for longer. The wraparound type (like you have) worth owning is made mainly of an aluminum or stainless steel extrusion. The sealing surface is an insert that slides, screws, or pops into the middle of the extrusion. The good ones are not cheap, though. You will understand once you start pricing commercial-grade material. They are available as dainty but tough or manly and adjustable to stop a sandstorm.

The industry leader in this hardware is Pemko. They make the stuff used in hospitals, schools, warehouses, docks, and ships and such. The 216 and 217 models look like they would do your job. Main difference is that the 216 has a drip edge and the 217 doesn't. Suffixes specify options: V=eco-vinyl insert; PK=Pemko-prene insert; D=dark bronze; A=aluminum mill finish; the the list goes on and on...

Example: 216AV = aluminum mill, vinyl insert. Dainty but tough.
Pemko 216AV Door Shoe - 1-3/4" Width, 1-9/16" Height, Mill Finish Aluminum

These guys have a product selector:
Door Shoes with neoprene -

Happy hunting!
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