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Here is an idea to temper the incoming air:

Cut a hole in the side wall, just below the cot bed level where the sleeper's feet are. Put a piece of 1" copper tube through the wall as a cold fresh air intake. Put an elbow on it and add about 6' of copper tube along the wall. Then elbow the tube up so that fresh air is directed to the sleeping person's head (warm fresh air supply).

To make this better, put the copper tube inside of a 1-1/2" plastic pipe with tees on each end. At the foot end of the cot, one side of the tee fits flat against the wall and the copper tube exits the wall through that tee opening. The other foot end tee opening gets a pc fan blowing into the the plastic pipe (warm cabin air vent). On the head end of the plastic pipe, one tee opening has a cap with a hole drilled to allow the copper tube through. The other side of the tee passes through the floor to allow exhaust air outside and to let condensate drain to the ground (cold cabin air exhaust).
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