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Originally Posted by groar View Post
I'm buying electricity at the following rates :
  • 0.0673/kWh in off peak hours (10:30 PM to 6:30 AM in my region) and
  • 0.1106/kWh in peak hours.

I'm selling all the electricity I'm producing at the following rates (I signed my contract in Nov. 2008) :
  • 0.31193/kWh for non-integrated installations and
  • 0.57187/kWh for integrated installations.
OK, either the pixels on my screen are drunk, or this is WILD!!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're reselling back to the utility for 5 times more than you buy? Would your utility sign a contract with me if I laid a cable across Germany to France?
Would it be possible for you to have some kind of battery set-up, allowing you to buy electricity at night and sell it back during the day? Would anyone notice? Even if a battery system is 70% efficient, you'd still be making money, and relieving the utility's day load at the same time.

[ranting and whining]
I wish Poland would finally grow up: we're even farther back in RE than France, but the government only talks about reducing greenhouse gasses, energy dependence, etc., and then grants permits for the largest brown coal strip mine operation in Central Europe. In theory, the utility must buy any RE (exept nuclear) produced by it's customers, but in reality it always finds a way to not do it. Two examples with wind turbines:
(1) Someone had a wind gennie for his workshop and wanted to sell surplus energy. The utility demanded that he states exactly (down to the kW and hour) how much he will produce, 48 hours ahead of time!! As if it was possible to predict how the wind will blow in 2 hours, let alone 2 days.
(2) Someone wanted to invest in RE and have a wind turbine in their yard. They asked the proper department for a permit to put up a tower. The answer was "We do not see a need for a wind turbine, since your property is already connected to the grid."
Go figure. Then bang your head on wall. In the usual spot.
Sorry about the ranting and whining, I'm just pissed at my government.
[/ranting and whining]

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