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Originally Posted by lucerne96 View Post
I would white coat the roof with Acrymax Acrymax Technologies, Inc. - Flexible Solutiong in High-Perfomance Coating Systems! AND insulate the the space under the roof. Remember, heat travels by radiation, conduction & convection; so the best game plan addresses all three. WRC only really addresses radiant heat gain.

Perhaps a access hatch could be made in a closet ceiling to gain access.

I have metal low slope roofs on my 1880's Second Empire style house & it has made a bid difference.

I power washed the roof; put down the base coat (with roller). You then roll out a layer of fiberglass mesh which becomes embedded in the wet undercoat. Then you roll on the final reflective coat. I first did white roof coating in about 1984 (when I learned about it from the National Park Service), and did a top layer recoating last year.

I also tried EP Henry's & Ames Labs similar product, which are less expensive. That is because they have more liquid and less pigment. The roof I did with EP Henry lasted only about 4 years, Ames about 7. I have gone back to the Acrymax.

To maximize its efficiency, you have to keep it clean, so consider giving it a wash before hot weather.

PS: I have NO affiliation with any material supplier or manufacturer whatsoever. I am only interested in results.
Thank you very much Sir! Will be looking for that. I just hope it'll handle up to extreme tropical weather. 7 months sun (100 degrees Fahrenheit at peak sun) and 5 months rain. I have several months to source it out since rainy season has begun already.

oh and I like that closet hatch idea, been contemplating If i had to make a hole in the bathroom or in the that's definitely better and wont make the house look messy
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