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Originally Posted by TimJFowler View Post
FYI - If you have an electric dryer, you can divert the dryer exhaust inside the house during the winter. Don't do this with a gas dryer due to the CO2, CO, and other exciting fumes generated by the burning natural gas.

I installed a dryer heat diverter last winter and it definitely helps warm and humidify the house - Winter Heat from a Clothes Dryer | During the spring/summer/fall I flip the lever back to vent outside and I use our clothesline most of the time.

We do the same thing with our electric dryer. Used to have problems with dusty lint when we had just a screen on the output. Now I have a different design that uses a nylon sock-like filter. Seems to work better. I've seen types that have a water filled box at the output for lint catching but haven't tried one.
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