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Originally Posted by heyroxie View Post
Wow. That looks really great. But it does really look complicated too. How much did you spend to all of that? Is it less complicated to build than we see it? Hehe
Thanks.. It does look a little complex, but it's pretty basic for what it does.
A much simpler rig would be a GTI (Grid tied Inverter), which just connects
the PV (panels) to the grid.

It's a little more complicated than being off-the-grid, since it has switches
to allow a few house circuits to go off the grid when needed.
(At least when I finish wiring it up).

I didn't track the price paid for parts, since I never expect to see any
kind of break-even or pay-back that many people look for as the
goal of getting to Alternate power sources.

I'm not looking for a hand-out from the government, since the goal of this
project is Back-up power. Like the gas generator in the garage.

I do try to get good deals.. My panels were all about $300 each.
The CS6P-200 panels are still being sold on Ebay at a good price
if you can get them to accept your offer.

I'll try to draw a good diagram of the system. I'll post it here.


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