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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I'm never going to install a central A/C.
No central A/C is efficient as one that's turned off.
The big advantage is rooms where the split is off don't get heated or cooled.
Sure you can block off rooms but the system is sized to cool the whole home so when you block vents you mess with system efficiency, unless it's done on the cheap and way undersized.
I kind of like decentralized systems, that way if one fails it's not a huge household emergency.
In Wisconsin, it's uncomfortable if the air conditioning goes out and some people don't even have air conditioners in their houses and just live with a bunch of fans. We do get temperatures in the 90s up here though but some people just deal with those days. It's probably like in New Mexico if you lose your heat in the winter, it's probably not a huge deal if you are in the lower areas. Up north, the biggest hazard is that our air is wet and we have basements that people install drywall in and they develop mold if the moisture isn't kept in check. If a furnace goes out on the coldest day of winter and there isn't an alternate heat source, the house will be uncomfortable(to most people) after just a few hours and if it isn't fixed within a day, sometimes less time, even with insulation meeting today's building standards, the pipes freeze.
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