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Default Screen door - need advice

A long time ago I made screens to put on the windows during mosquito season, now I would like to make a screen for the balcony door also.

The frames of the window screens are just simple rectangles made of 16x16 mm wood sections. The door screen would need to be a bit more robust, as it will be almost twice as tall, and it needs to be on hinges, not mounted semi-permanently. We only need to go out on the balcony a few times per year, so it doesn't need any springs to close it, just any simple closing/locking system.

The screen door will not be in direct sunlight, and will be taken off for storage during winter.

There are lots of instructions on the Web on how to make a screen door, but I'd like to ask y'all for advice. Any tips on how to ensure the door does not sag, the wood does not distort after time, the door adheres to frame, etc.?

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