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Originally Posted by Barrowman View Post
Thanks for your input. I live in a village in Lincolnshire and I have no area big enough to fix a large Vwat and that one looked very good. So now I wonder if I could build something like that but on a much smaller scale I could perhaps get at least some useful power. I'm still considering building what you might call and artificial tree which I would try to optimise to give the best output.
The problem is the smaller you get the less energy you capture. VAWTs are already on the low side of that scale so don't expect too much.

It's a lot of fun though so if you want to do it to learn or just have fun VAWTs make that easier than HAWTs.

The benefits of VAWTS are that they capture winds from any direction, they don't require furling systems and they don't require yokes to keep the wires from twisting.

Don't expect them to perform like HAWTs manufacturers like to promote, they won't. Most of those people embellish their figures way out of spec.
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