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If the the fans keep dying on me, I'm thinking I'd like to swap out the 3 fans for probably a 6" or 8" inline centrifugal fan like the one below. I can hang it so it doesn't vibrate anything, and use flexible ducting to go to the chimney.

Best idea yet... for sure.
Been reading about your project all morning here 1/3/21

Great project and updates along the way.

I use 6 inch duct work booster fans and 6 inch insulated flexible duct hose on a couple of hot air collectors I have installed which work out fantastic.

Couple of things..
You mentioned water inside the hose.. condensation
Would insulated ductwork similar to A/C ductwork eliminate the condensation rather then the hose you are currently using? Just a thought.

Next, why not run the insulated hose all the way down the chimney to the kitchen?

Right now air is being pushed down the chimney and could be blowing past your kitchen opening bouncing around inside your chimney before finding it's way to your kitchen.

Next, Backdraft dampers
I tried the dampers you purchased but found that too much cold air was getting by the litthe openings. I ended up building 2 of my own using collapsable cloth when fan off.

The cloth blocks the entire opening once the fan shuts off.

Next, can you fill me and others in?
How's your attic to kitchen forced hot air thermostatically controlled heating system doing?
Are you happy where you are with the system as of today?

again, just my tid bits on your great project! :-}
Pat from Warwick, RI

Please Note:
Comments and/or suggestions I make here at the forums on 'your' projects as well as my own have all been carefully and scientifically calculated by 'the seat of my pants'
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