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It is the 10th of Oct. (Thanksgiving in Canada) and this morning we arose to frost on the ground so an O/S temp of near 0 Deg.C. The indoor temp was 19 Deg.C. Starting to feel fresh in the house. Another way I can tell its beginning to get cool is the Mrs. sports a sweater and starts wearing shoes in the house. The floor temp is 19 Deg.C (or 66 Deg.F.) and is beginning to feel uncomfortable on the feet.

The upside today is a clear sunny day and 45 mins ago I switched on the solar hydronic floor heat. In that mere 45 min. the floor temp increased 1 Deg. In a manor of 3-4 hrs. we should feel the 24 Deg. C. warm tiles though our sock feet. REALLY NICE. I will set the limit at 24 Deg.C.This temp will warm the air to a more comfortable 21 Deg.C. and not overheat the space. ALL AT NO COST!!!

We'll see if we can get the Mrs to revert back to sock feet!!

The other facet of the solar hot water is the provider of domestic hot water for showers etc. Thats been the sole provider of Hot water since March I think. That's 7 months of hot water at no cost. And 9 yrs. of operation. The percentage of 15-30% for the average American home energy costs is related to heating water.

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