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So maybe no one has tried - anyway I think I may have answered my own question - I really think the volume of water passing would be too small so a 'minor' modification is in order....

I removed the heat exchanger from the internal unit to see how it is configured.

12 loops interconnected to form two circuits, one feed split in the middle (the 3/8" tube) and re-combined by a T connected to the 1/4" tube.

Perfect - disconnect the links at the end where the tubes connect and make 6 individual circuits using 1/4" tube then re-combine them into one.

Next fit the heat exchanger back into the case..

Then cut the tubes to length and combine them into one 15mm tube - the connecting coupler is an 18mm to 15mm reduction.

...unfortunately the case got a bit hot but not to worry as this won't be seen...

Next to test it out....

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