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Default Split indoor unit as fancoil heater/cooler

I was just thinking about improving the heating/cooling in one of our rooms without under floor heating.

As the cold water feed for the under floor (cooling in summer ) is common to all the rest of the radiators in the house (which are aluminium) it occurred that a fan coil unit would be ideal to replace the radiator - simply add power and a way to drain the condense.

Then I got to thinking - I have a pile of ex indoor units from splits sitting around - they have all the required elements - fan, heat exchanger, condense tray and even a remote control.

The indoor units on conventional splits are usually the 'brains' of the system, the outdoor unit being controlled by the indoor unit. I powered up an old unit and it sprung into life, a head with no body, but is happy to be there pretending to control the non existent outdoor unit.

So where is the catch - I guess it is in the tubes - small bore aircon tubes won't have much volume of water passing through them but would it be enough???

Has anyone out there dipped their finger in this pie and tried it out?


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