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Originally Posted by mincus View Post
Wouldn't I want the air out hose exiting on the floor? My thought is to pump in outside air and have the air be removed at the floor level. This would theoretically pull out more radon, right??
Yeah, that's where it's at, on the floor. That's why I keep my detector down
about 8 or 10 inches off the flood.
My home was built in 1956, so we don't need to pump IN any air. LOL!

Here's some YouTube videos that might be helpful.

A lot of these professional installs suck the air from under the slab.
In some cases, there can be problems with bottom of the pipe under
the floor, if water gets into the input.

I have found that sucking the cold air out of a cool basement at the floor
level, (abt 6" off the floor) will cause the cold air on the floor to flow to
the area of the suction. It will pull the cold air from the whole basement,
excluding closed rooms. Increased air flow of the coolest air removes the radon.
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